Jesus loves the little Children

Jesus loves the little Children

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Primary Presidency Planner

I just finished my planners for next year.  I have had a hard time finding a free template on line.  A lot of Cute planners, but I just wanted something simple.  So here is mine.


Template for a extra counselor or for teachers as needed

Planner template to fill out as you wish.  We rotate 3 positions
between the presidency.  Conducting, Sharing time and Hall.
Hall Person checks on classes to be sure teachers are there
and sets up chairs in Primary room.  She is extra adult
for missing teachers during sharing time and also helps with
bath room visits.
Generally in our Primary, Pres teaches 1st week, First  Coun. teaches 2nd week and second coun. teaches 3rd week.
We rotate 4th Sundays, and 5th Sundays are shared by president and Music Leader.

I will include a copy of songs for the year, curriculum, classes and teacher lists and budget in each folder of Presidency and Secretary. Also duties of each member of presidency, and a blank page for assignments for activities and Ward Mission work. Generally I print this and use my Comb binder to put them together.  We don't usually use binders for the presidency or secretary.  Too bulky.
For Music leader.  All the songs for the year that are picked to match each monthly theme. and a copy of Bdays for the Primary.  Just so she is prepared with a song for bdays.  My Music leader is very organized and has her own weekly planner and monthly planner for herself and for the Primary Pianist.
I don't usually make a binder for the pianist, but I do give her copies of the music that are not in the Children's songbook.
Teachers receive in a 3 ring binder, manual, pictures assigned to manual.  Class lists with address, phone numbers and birthdays of students.  They also get a list of assigned lessons for the year.  I used the lesson schedule maker on and put in Stake Conf, Gen Conf, and program practices and the assigned lessons for Easter and Christmas. I try to include useful tips to fill remaining time, a letter to the teachers with procedures and duties.  Presidency names, phone numbers and emails.  Sub lists are updated quarterly.  I include a list of songs for the year as well.  We usually invite the teachers to stay after the block for 10 to 15 minutes to give out binders, and explain the challenge for next year.  We provide a small refreshment like cookies or fruit and answer questions.  Usually on the last Sunday of the year.


  1. Where on is the lesson schedule maker? I'm not finding it.

  2. Sign into your account on
    Click on "My account and Ward"
    Under "My Ward" You should see lesson schedules