Jesus loves the little Children

Jesus loves the little Children

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dec 2015 Week 4 Sharing time "I can live with Jesus Christ again."

Place a picture of the world at one end of the room and a picture of Jesus Christ at the other end of the room. Ask a child to try to jump from one picture to the other. Explain that there are steps we must take to live with Jesus and Heavenly Father again.
Show the Children the first Stepping stone “Faith”.

Ask the Children what they think Faith is? Place the first stepping stone on the floor.
 Invite a child to come and stand on the stepping stone, ask them if they could make it to the poster by just taking a step? (They can't) Explain that their are more things we need to do to help us to live with Jesus again.  Explain that some of the Stones we may use only once, but others we repeat throughout our lives. Continue with the rest of the Stepping Stones.

Stepping Stones:  
    Family Home Evening
    Partake of the Sacrament
    Attend Church
    Temple Covenants
    Temple Marriage
    Study the Scriptures
    Keep the Commandments & Covenants

Invite a child to walk from the picture of the world to the picture of the Savior, touching only the stepping-stones. Encourage the children to always do what is right so they can stay on the path to return to live with Jesus Christ again.
Bear Testimony of following the path to Jesus Christ.


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