Jesus loves the little Children

Jesus loves the little Children

Friday, November 27, 2015

Service Superheroes, November 2015 Sharing Time week 5

Sorry this is getting posted so late but with the Holiday, I am just getting around to posting this idea.
First I am going to tell this story from the Liahona.
  Then I will ask how many of them want to be service Superheroes?  I will post this and talk about how serving people is one way we love our neighbors.   I will have the children repeat this with me a few times.

Then I will have the 3 star cards and 3 exclamation cards placed around the room. They will have the superhero situations on the back.  As they are found we will share the situations and ask for solutions.  Then I will challenge them to be service Superheroes throughout December. I will bear my testimony of service.
We will close by singing " love one another".

Just click on the pictures and print.

Hope this works for some of you struggling to find a 5th Sunday Sharing time.