Jesus loves the little Children

Jesus loves the little Children

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December week one 2015 Sharing time

Jesus Christ came to earth as promised by prophets

Preparation: obtain a large trifold display board.  Decorate the front to look like a door and attach clip art of the scriptures on one side of front trifold and statement.     " Jesus Christ came to earth as promised by prophets" on the other. On the inside place the print out clipart with words, in random order.  Print out scripture references to place under chairs. Post a picture of the nativity and one of the Savior as a adult on the board. ( I am doing this because we have some convert children who don't equate "baby Jesus" with the grown up Savior.  They don't seem to understand they are the same person.)

Introduce the doctrine: Ask the children: “Think of a time you celebrated your birthday in a special way. What did you do?” Allow a few children to talk about their birthdays. Explain that Heavenly Father had His prophets tell the world, from the beginning of time, about the most important birth in the history of the world—the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ. Explain that this message was so important that prophets were willing to give their lives to testify that Christ would come. Ask them whose birthday we celebrate during this time of year? ( Jesus Christ)
Show them the "door".  Explain that just like birthdays when we receive gifts, the scriptures are full of "gifts" as well.  Inside the scriptures we find answers to our questions.  Today we are going to look up some scriptures that were recorded by prophets.  They were so excited to share with the world, that the greatest gift was coming to earth.  The birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Have the children look under their chairs for the scripture references. Have them find and read the scriptures to themselves.  Call them up one by one to read the scripture and then "knock" on the door.  Have them find the clipart picture that matches their scripture.  Ask them if this prophesy came true?  For instance "did the people see a star, when our Savior was born?" Have them remove the clipart and place it around the pictures of the Savior.  After all the scriptures have been found and the clipart matched and placed, bear testimony that Jesus Christ did come to the earth and the prophecies concerning Him were fulfilled. 

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