Jesus loves the little Children

Jesus loves the little Children

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Introducing our first Scripture super hero

We plan on introducing a Scripture Super Hero a month.  January we are scheduled to learn about Moroni.  As I said before we have a Tri-fold poster board that has been designed to look like a door.  I am scheduled as PP to do the Sharing time for the first Sunday.  Of Course I am going to teach the suggested lesson from the sharing time manual, but also the theme for the year. I may split this up over the last Sunday in December and the First Sunday in January, since we are covering so much.
I plan on having the children sing  "Scripture Power" and then explain that our theme for the year is "I know the scriptures are true"  I intend to ask them how they think they can find out for themselves that the scriptures are true?  We will discuss how we can know if a person is telling the truth.  I intend to ask them if they think they know me?  Would I tell them the truth?  How do they know? (They know me very well, I was a teacher, 1st Counselor and PP )
Then I will introduce the concept from the sharing time manual.  I intend to show them books, fiction and non fiction.  And then use the comparison to the scripture's.  I am going to tell them that are challenge this year is to read the scriptures and share what they have learned in the scriptures.
I am going to explain that we are going to do our best to become Scripture Super heroes this year by learning about Heroes from the scriptures.  Then I will invite a child to come up and knock on the door and introduce them to Moroni.  I intend to explain that he didn't wear a mask, or a cape, but that he is one of my heroes.  We will then discuss 1 or 2 of His attributes and then ask them to get to know Moroni, the way they have gotten to know other people in their lives.  We will discuss the other attributes through out the rest of the month.  I also want the children to "liken the scriptures they read unto themselves."  We will share scripture stories linked to these attributes throughout the month.  We will have puzzles, word searches, Coloring pages and suggested verses and chapters to read about Moroni.  We will give the children the chance to write their testimony about that hero on the back of one of the hero cards,  Or they can share a favorite verse, or draw a picture of something they read.  Not sure if we will do this during class time, or during sharing time?  Still discussing with my presidency.  We will have Moroni come to Primary on the 5th Sunday in costume and share his story and testimony.
I have made some clip art figures to put on the inside of our "door" for Moroni.   You could also play a hot and cold game by hiding them around the room and then as they are found talk about them.
Planning on cutting out, laminating and posting  to the center of the board with painters tape so it can be removed easily
Cutting, laminating and posted on either side of the center picture, discussing one or 2 per week,

These will be cut out and laminated as well, posting to inside of flaps of doors 

These are intended to go along with the pictures of the "Super Heroes" so that the children can "Liken the Scriptures to themselves"  Notice that I linked them to songs we are learning as well.

More Super heroes for inside flaps

These are meant to be similar to the exclamation bubbles you see in comics,  They will be placed on the board as features that stay!


  1. Wow you are A super hero! Great ideas! I would love to see a pic of your finished board. Good job Pres!

    1. Ditto to Lindsay. You are amazing and I'd love to see your door.

    2. Thank you! I will try to post a picture of the door. Its not great, but it will work!