Jesus loves the little Children

Jesus loves the little Children

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Scripture Bookworms

I belong to a Facebook group for Primary Presidency and Sharing time ideas.  Someone on the page had shared that they were giving plush BEARS to their kids in Primary.  I went to look up inexpensive Bears and discovered these cute little snakes at Dollar Tree.  I think we could get away with calling them Bookworms.
I tweaked the poem that someone else had shared for their BEAR and this is what I came up with.

 I was thinking we would give each of the children a bookworm, and take their picture with a set of scriptures and they would be the white squares below.  Each Bookworm is a class in our Primary and each month we would add a segment to each worm for that month's study.  We are not challenging the children to read a certain amount, We are challenging them to get to KNOW the scriptures, How to look the scriptures up.  Understand how you gain a testimony of the scriptures and also get to know Heroes and Heroines of the scriptures and the lessons and values they teach us.  We are encouraging them to read, or watch or listen in some way to the scriptures.  But we have mostly a Junior Primary and they can't read as well as the Senior kids.  BUT they are getting to know the people of the scriptures.  This would be the extra Bulletin board we have in the hall outside of Primary.

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