Jesus loves the little Children

Jesus loves the little Children

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Jan 2016 week 4 Sharing Time, I can know the scriptures are true!

"Week 4: I can know the scriptures are true.

Encourage understanding: Bring one or more objects that the children can learn about using some of their five senses. For example, you could bring a fruit or a flower, or you could play some music. Give a few children a chance to see, smell, touch, taste, or hear what you have brought.
Demonstrate that we can also see, touch, smell, and hear the scriptures, but to gain a testimony of them we need to receive a witness through the Spirit"/
I took "Stories from the Scriptures" from LDS.Org and chose some from the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon and the  Doctrine and Covenants. I am planning on dividing into classes or groups.  I have copied the pictures and most of the narration directly from the stories.  I did add a few questions and included symbols for SEE, SMELL, TOUCH, TASTE, FEEL IN THEIR HEARTS and HEAR.  I also included talking because it went along with hearing in some of the stories.  I own a comb binder and a laser printer so I printed them on cardstock and binded them.  I will have teachers read the stories with their groups.  Each story has them looking up some of the scriptures in the stories as well.  They have to identify elements of the scriptures that match the senses or feelings.  Then I am going to ask each group for 1 or 2 things they discovered and write them on the board under signs of eyes, ears, mouth, hands, hearts, and nose.  Then we will talk about how thinking in the scriptures in this way helps us "liken" them unto ourselves.  But in order to find out if they are true, we need to SEARCH, PONDER AND PRAY about it.  Sing "search, ponder and pray." 
Ask them to listen, as they sing, for three things we can do to invite the Spirit to testify that the scriptures are true. Invite the children to create hand actions for the words search, ponder, and pray. Repeat the song, using the actions in place of these words.
Encourage application: Display a picture of Moroni, and read Moroni 10:4–5. Invite several children to share their feelings about the scriptures. They could also share what they have been doing to read the scriptures at home. (Ask a few children in advance so they have time to prepare.) Encourage the children to share their testimonies of the scriptures with their parents at home.

Noah's Ark for Junior Primary 

The Lost Son- Junior Primary

                 Joshua and the Battle of Jericho

                      Mormon and His Teachings

              The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

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  1. excellent idea, I think I might use some of this for my lesson, thank you!