Jesus loves the little Children

Jesus loves the little Children

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Week 2: Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me.

Introduce the doctrine: Sing “Do As I’m Doing” (CS, 276), and ask the children to follow you as you do several simple actions, such as clapping your hands, stretching your arms above your head, or marching in place.
Ask the children to name some things they have learned by following someone’s example (for example, how to make a bed or play a game). Write on the board “Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me.” Testify that Christ was the only person who has lived on the earth who has set the perfect example for us to follow. Have the children read the sentence together.
Show the three empty bags  labeled “Peacemakers,” “Kindness,” and “Loving and Serving.”  Say, “We can’t do all the things that Jesus Christ did, but, like Him, we can be kind, we can be peacemakers, and we can love and serve others.”
Following the example of Jesus is a sweet feeling.  We can make others feel good when we follow His example.
Have a child choose a strip of paper and read (or you read) the situation . Ask, “What would you do?” or “How would you like to be treated if this happened to you?”
Place the candy piece in the correct bag. Complete as many situations as possible.

Sing “I’m trying to be like Jesus” with the children, and then bear testimony of the “sweetness” of following the example of Jesus Christ.

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